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I found the truck I wanted on the internet.It was a new Nissan Titan.

I contacted the dealership and spoke with the ineternet salesman. He was very reluctant to ask if I could get a better deal on the truck, so I took it on myself to contact the manager. He gave me a better deal, it was late Saturday. On Monday morning I went to the bank, where I had a preapproved loan, and the confusion started.

The banker asked for the vin# and was hung up on. She needed varification papers faxed...they never arrived. All day, and Darcars couldn't sell a car that was already sold. They waisted my time, and the banks time.

I beleave it might have had something to do with the sales person.

I don't beg anyone to sell me a car.Darcars, thanks for nothing.


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Herndon, Virginia, United States #686438

Similar experience.I went on a Wednesday for the car I found online -only to find it not inspected (as per law) and with a broken window- I was told they would fix it.

After four days of incompetence and being told its not done I was told to come in it was ready.

I drove there to find someone else buying it and watch them drive away.Seriously it sold in the 20 minutes since you called me and you couldn't wait for me since I already put in my finance application on the car 4 days ago.

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