I was sold an ML-320 and discovered that the car was not serviced as they stated. They also sold me a car with no spare tire or tools to replace a flat.

Do not trust what they say to you ! They lied to me and sold me an incomplete vehicle. The car salesman assured me the car was in excellent condition and it just came back from the service department getting its latest scheduled maintenance. I discovered that did not happen.

While they rest the maintenance counter in the car, they did not perform the service. I took the car down to a Mercedes dealership in my hometown. When they went through the car they discovered the fluids and filters were quite old and dirty.

This is not a good group which to do business.

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I buy a car in Darcar silver spring. Took it to my mechanic multiple oil leak.

Car not service. Tires uneven.

Was told it was old car and as long as oil not touch the ground when I park it, the car is good.


Friend bought a 2012 Camaro. No spare tire go with the car as it is an option. :roll :eek :upset


We're so sorry that you had a poor experience at our dealership and that your Mercedes was not in the condition you expected. Please, when you have a moment our Vice President of Customer Service Rose Bayat would like to reach out to you. Her email is Rose@DARCARS.com

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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